Long Lasting Effects
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Imagine your home so clean, it’s clinically clean. Free from bacteria and viruses, free from mould and mildew.
Long Lasting Effects
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Our nano-disinfectant guarantees long lasting protection on surfaces.

Your intelligent solution to healthier living

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Nano Medical Technology is a company applying Nano technology in healthcare. We are the exclusive agent of Nano360, a new antimicrobial surface coating using nanotechnology. We provide services to treat and purify the surfaces at your place, providing you with a clean, safe environment.

Nano Disinfection Coating Service

Our special application process delivers a long-lasting invisible coating, protecting you against bacteria, mould and viruses, dust and rust, and TVOCs and formaldehyde. From commercial to residential and personal options, our professional team will provide a service right for you.

  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Mould proof
  • Rust proof
  • Disintegrates TVOCs
  • Disintegrates formaldehyde
Protecting Your Environment
Proven Effective

Our solution, Nano360, consists of a colloidal silver and titanium dioxide solution that protects against germs, toxins, mould, and other allergens. Nano360 has US FDA approval as a medical disinfectant and we are registered with the Australian Department of Health. Best of all, it is a long-lasting antimicrobial surface coating, safe to use around children and environmentally friendly.

& Bacteria
Long Lasting
& Non Toxic

Purify | Protect
360° Disinfection

Your Intelligent Solution to Healthier Living

Nano Medical Technology: Nano360

Who is NanoMT?
Nano MT is a company that applies Nano-technology in healthcare. We are the exclusive agent of the product Nano360, a new antimicrobial surface coating with Nano silver and titanium dioxide nanocomposite.
What do we do?
Our company focuses on service that provides professional treatment to premises. Our Nano360 Service Team will provide service to treat the surfaces at your premises to prevent the growth of bacteria and virus and purify the indoor environment.
What is Nano360?
Nano360 is an antimicrobial surface coating using Nanotechnology. This colloidal silver formula has antibacterial and antiviral properties. The special application method will deliver long lasting result. By atomisation, the nanosilver particles will form a thin invisible protective coating on surfaces. This is an intelligent solution to purify indoor area
Who can use it?
All people and businesses can benefit from being protected against microbes. We mainly provide two services: Risk Assessment Service, as well as Nano Solutions Protective Coating service. With these two services, bacteria and virus in your working and living environments can be effectively reduced.
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